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Farabella Panettone

Price: $22.00
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550gr (1.21 lbs) 

Gluten-Free Italian Christmas Cake

LARGER size this year! 

"Buon Natale!", as the Italians would say for Merry Christmas.
The classic Panettone cake with candied fruit, and a delicious taste making it ideal for those cosy family moments at Christmas.

-- Ingredients - Gluten-free flour mix (deglutinated wheat starch, teff flour, dextrose, vegetable fibers, guar gum, sugar, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), water, egg yolk, butter (milk cream and / or whey), sugar , Delattosate powdered milk, 6.4% sultanas (99.5% grapes, 0.5% cotton vegetable oil), 6.4% candied orange cubes (orange zest, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, E220, E330), Egg mixture, Yeast, Emulsifier (water, E471, E1520, E477, E470a), Honey, Sorbitol, Flavorings, Chemical yeast (E336i, E500ii, E450i, corn starch), Salt.

NOTE: Contains Milk, Egg & Butter

This product is packaged in a protected atmosphere.  Store in a cool, dry place.

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