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QUATTROBIMBI is aiming to be your webstore for GLUTEN-FREE products !

Most of us conjure up images of Italy and tables laden with bread and pastries, all from wheat. 

But what many people don’t realize, is that Italy has one of the highest celiac rates in Europe, partly because celiac disease is one of the first diseases physicians look for, rather than the last as here in the U.S.  Perhaps due to this higher incidence, Italy is home to Europe’s largest manufacturer of gluten-free pasta, breads, and pastries.

After thoroug
h research and testing, we've been able to find some of leading Italian gluten-free product manufactures:

    • From Molino di Ferro (Le Asolane & Le Veneziane)
      • GMO free and made with easy-to-digest cornmeal
      • Low in fat & cholesterol-free  -  Ideal for a light & healthy diet  -  The corn makes it a tasty dish that combines perfectly with any sauce 
      • The natural carotens (provitamin A) gives the pasta its characteristic rich golden-yellow color
      • Le Veneziane Pasta - Anellini - Capellini - Ditalini - Elbows - Eliche - Farfalle - Fettucce - Penne Rigate - Pipe Rigate  -  Rigatoni  -  Spaghetti
      • Le Asolane Organic Pasta – Penne (other shapes available upon request)
      • Le Veneziane Potato Gnocchi – Traditional Italian Potato Gnocchi in a shelf-stable package
      • Le Veneziane Mini Grissini - In plain and sesame/chia flavors
      • Le Veneziane Lasagna – Ready to bake, no-boil Lasagna
      • Free of GMO-Egg-Nut-Milk 
      • Pasta is certified kosher by Badatz.  Most cuts also Kosher for Passover

Farabella Logo
  • Gluten Free – Organic - Egg/Lactose Free – GMO Free
  • Certified Kosher by OU
  • Conchigliette - Linguine - Penne - Rigatoni - Tagliatelle
  • Acini di Pepe - Conchiglioni - Pappardelle

    • BiAglut corn & egg based pasta from Heinz/Italy
      • Bucatini  -  Ditalini  -  Fusilli  -  Maccheroncini  -  Penne  -  Spaghetti  -  Stelline
      • Egg Lasagne
      • Egg Tagliatelle

    All these products are not only geared towards celiac or gluten intolerant people, but also good for all consumers who want to pay close attention to their well-being and a healthy diet, without giving up a varied and appetizing diet.

    With all these products, gluten is the only thing one would renounce, while the goodness, taste and flavor in the kitchen is guaranteed by the quality of the ingredients, the rigorous quality controls and the meticulous formulation of the recipes.

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