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Le Veneziane Ditalini

Price: $3.95
250gr (8.81 oz)   Price is per pkg.  Full case is 12 pkgs.

GMO free !

"Le Veneziane" are made from 100% corn meal flour, and their yellow color comes from the natural carotenes (provitamin A) contained in the actual corn.  It is a food that has been specially designed for those with gluten intolerance.  The excellent cooking qualities ensure that this pasta tastes great and is easily digestible.

-- Ingredients
corn flour, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids of vegetable origin.
May contain soy.

How to cook: 100 g pasta, 1 litre water, 10 g salt. Add salt to boiling water. Add pasta, stirring occasionally. Cook. Drain pasta.
Cooking instructions (Anellini, Ditalini, Capellini): prepare a meat or vegetable broth, put in salt and cook pasta observing the cooking time recommended.

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Product Reviews

(11 Ratings, 6 Reviews) Average Rating:
We finally have our salad macaroni noodles
Roberta Engelhart (Lynnwood, WA) 5/1/2018 5:50 AM
So glad I found site. First place we could get this shaped noodle GF. My husband has Celiac and for yrs prior to diagnoses we used wheatnoodles called salad macaroni for a receipe I have that is over fifty yrs old. He was delighted when my order arrivedand we made the salad. There are three of us and it was half eaten first night. :-) . We are very pleased to get GF Pasta made in Italy reasonably priced. This order I am spending more but ok. So nice to have variety and some brands available local stores same price range, but find ric noodles get hard and horrible in a couple days. These do not. Italy knows the best on GF Pasta for sure! Almost forgot The Pannetone is all gone, my husband was thrilled:-) :-) :-) ! Thank you for your great customer service too! :-)
Great for soups
Merri Damico (White Haven, PA) 10/20/2016 2:04 PM
We love this pasta for soups, it does not get mushy and you would never know it is Gluten Free. I alwasy try to have it on hand.
Wonderful Ditalini
Claire (FL) 3/3/2011 4:15 PM
Ordered varieties of gf pasta a few months ago. Have enjoyed all of them. The ditalini was wonderful in pasta fagiole. It didn't get mushy when a leftover bowl was reheated. Tasted wonderful!
Nancy (Pittsburgh PA) 1/13/2010 10:59 PM
This is a wonderful pasta. I made Pasta Figioli for a gluten free meeting. This is the first time I had the soup in many years. Everyone loved the pasta & asked what brand. I am emailing the recipe & your company website to order. Thanks for the pasta.
Finally Fantastic Pasta!
Diann L. (Richmond, VA) 9/24/2009 8:13 AM
Great for soups- holds up to repeated re-heats. We love this one.
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